About Behcuper Sport

About Behcuper Sport

The sport of Behcup was designed, codified and registered officially by Mr. Behnam Azad for the very first time in the world in 2017. Behcup is an amusing and fabulous sport and can be played by males and females of all ages including children, youth, adults and seniors without any preparatory skill or physical fitness. Behcup is an aiming and controlling sport and can help increase the player’s skills, concentration, precision, relaxation and balance.
Given its suitable court size, Behcuper can be played by a wide range of players at sports facilities and public places including grass, sports flooring, carpet, stone, asphalt, clay and beach courts.

Overview of Behcuper Rules

The sport of Behcup includes special rules for competitions and refereeing. Behcup competitions are played in one to six sets (or rounds) by two players. The players take turns to hit the balls using Behcup’s special club.
The main objective of a Behcup competition is for the players to hit the balls from the start line toward the circles drawn on the court. There are four circles of different sizes within one another in the order of size.
The distance from the start line to the circles can be 8 m to 30 m. Depending on the level of competitions, each player can hit the balls 6 to 36 times. A player who sends a larger number of balls to the area of circles will score greater points and will eventually win the game.

Advantages of Behcuper Sport

Main objective 

Guiding the ball toward a circular area on the ground (smaller circles within larger circles called (B.C) from a distance of 8, 10,12,14….,18 meters or longer by six strokes using the Behcuper club.

Behcuper  Requirements:

Behcuper Court (B.C) Details

Beach Behcuper  Court (B.C) Details