About International Behcup Federation (IBF)

About  International Behcup Federation (IBF)

International Behcup Federation (IBF)

IBF´s core values

Application terms and getting membership and representation from the  International Behcup Federation

There are five types of membership in the  International Behcup Federation

Applicant individuals or sports organizations should have the following conditions

Steps to review the membership in  International Behcup Federation

  1. Applicants apply for their membership and cooperation by email.
  2. Individuals shall provide their personal details, resumes and legal documents and identification by email.
  3. All official sports or public organizations shall submit a formal application for cooperation and membership by email
  4. International Behcup Federation’s membership form will be sent to the applicant by email.
  5. The details and capabilities of the applicants will be reviewed by the International Behcup Federation.
  6. The outcome of IBF’s review will be announced after one to three months.
  7. Upon the approval of individuals or sports organizations by the International Behcup Federation, the relevant regulations and laws will be sent to the applicants.
  8. Approved individuals or sports organizations will receive an official letter from the International Behcup Federation.
  9. Approved individuals or sports organizations will have their names and profiles included in the official website of the International Behcup Federation.
  10. Approved individuals or sports organizations will be required to comply with all IBF legislation and regulations.
  11. All heads and representatives of Behcup sports in cities and countries will be required to procure the necessary equipment for the Behcup sport from the International Behcup Federation.

Regulations and Bylaws Governing IBF Members and Representatives

International Behcup Federation’s Plans

Mission Statement