December 2, 2021 10:01 pm

About Behcup Sport

About Behcup Sport

Behcup of sport were designed, codified and registered by Mr. Behnam Azad in 2017. These highly recreational and entertaining sports can be played by males and females in all age groups including children, teenagers, youth, adults, middle aged and elderly.
Behcup sport are governed by specific rules that govern the game, competitions and refereeing, and are played with special equipment. The variants of Behcup can be played on synthetic grass or short natural grass and beach.

Advantages of Behcup Sport

Behcup Game play and Laws

Behcup is a spectacular sport which enhances thought control, concentration and relaxation. It is regarded as one of the smoothest styles of the Behcup sport that can be played and enjoyed without the need for any special skill.

Main objective:

Behcup Equipment:

Behcup Court (C.B) Details:

Beach Behcup  Court (C.B) Details: